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Alabama Training

It has been a never ending process of getting settled in Alabama. From moving, to fixing things on the house for us to love over the next 2 years, to me purging things that I "do not need anymore" according to my Husband.

I fee like I have mentally been moving to Alabama since August. It has been more taxing mentally than I knew, as my stress level reached a new high over this past week.

My home was a mess which was a direct reflection to how my mind felt.I was communicating poorly and my workouts were hurting, as I felt like I was a terrible athlete that couldn't grasp what I was trying to accomplish in another day's training session. I am on the up again this week, as I have finally felt a slow down. I am more lively and remembering to trust the process, trust God, which takes the weight of my shoulders. I see the loose joyfulness rippling across my life and I notice it in my workouts most. I am not chasing personal records at practice, but slowing down to feel out every amazing position to hit that personal record when it matters.

Thank you for reading. The downs come with the ups. Have a great day and do something that gets you closer to your ultimate goal.

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