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Fear Getting In The Way?

I conquered. #vici

I train all this time, 4 year period, for one moment that is probably about 30 seconds long.

That is the time it takes me to throw one BIG throw and get the mark I need. This moment is made by building myself up mentally and physically over the 4 years. But what about the mental side? Isn't that just being focused long enough to get the job done? No.

I say the mental aspect of training is somewhere between 50-80% of the process. Training your brain to keep the fears and doubts from seeping in, while also not letting your goal intimidate you.

Once the fear has entered your brain, it can disturb your whole entire process of reaching your long-term goal more than you even know! I redirect my focus back to the positives of my abilities and my process!

Lastly, make those goals BIG! I have put some heavy goals out there for myself that do not intimidate me, but motivate me to want to conquer them to prove to myself how amazing my mind is! The rest is being an athletic monster!

Thanks for reading, until next time! Let, me know any topics you want me to cover as well! THANKS!!!

Workout in image powered by Onnit's Beta Alanine:

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