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Growing in Knowledge.

Books. Audio books. Podcast. Etc.

I recently learned that the most successful people read on average 66 books a year! 66! That's crazy! I am way behind, but making strides to better myself lately in this area.

I choose to read and listen to things that motivate me. From people and their accomplishments, to self books that help me grow to be a stronger wife, mom, athlete, PERSON! I'm not going to lie, some times these things will et me so fired up mentally that I feel unstoppable!!

So I am here today to encourage you to get some reading done (I'm going to start The Way of The Warrior by Erwin Raphael McManus) or find an audio book or podcast for your next commute! (I have been listening to Grant Cardone and Rich Roll lately!)

What kind of life do you want? Focus on gaining knowledge. Focus on growing as a person.

Until next time ya'll!

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