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Quarantine Training

I am patiently waiting just like you all to see what our "new normal" as a society is going to be like. I can't believe something like this has even happened and changed so much. Luckily, I have been able to maintain a pretty normal day to day with my training and life in general. All I need is a track for half of my training and I have found community tracks that have remained open. Then, the second half of my training requires some heavy weights, which I have in my garage, thanks to Hammer Strength!

Training is going well! Like I stated on another post, I saw the Olympics being postponed as a blessing in disguise for myself. Another year to learn even more about javelin??!! Yes, please!!!

So just like that I feel really good about my training again. In March I was very very stressed and nervous about not being where I needed to be.

I know this postponement has had different effects on all athlete that are training. Even for myself I had to take a step back and put some focus on the mental health battles that come along with a big change like this in our careers. We have had some good resources from the United States Olympic Committee that has offered us sports psychologists to speak with.

Yes, we all know things are different, but I hope most of all you have taken this time to learn more about yourself. Who you are. Learn about what sets your soul on fire and have made plans to do those things! My training and everything I learn through training sets my soul on fire and I love it.

Thanks for reading! If you are in need of new supplements, I always encourage you all to check out ONNIT. I have a great daily supplement regiment from them. From Alpha Brain to the Vanilla Protein. Shop Use code CHANTAE for 10% off. Message me if you have any questions about their supplements! I have tried most of them!

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