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What Do You Want To Be Remembered for?

Hello 2020! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with family and friends. It is a new year and we all think about everything we want to accomplish and even set lofty goals that are intimidating just sitting and thinking about!

It is okay to have HUGE goals. We know my goals. I repeat those goals to myself all the time, but I am not there yet. I take BABY STEPS daily towards them, mentally and physically. I encourage you to do the same and do not be overwhelmed with focus on the end goal.

If I sit here and think about standing on the Olympic podium with a medal around my neck, its exciting, yet frightening because I know I have so much more work to put in! Stay present. Be in the moment, where you are, and be the best you can now. What does that effort look like and feel like to you? Are you truly expending all efforts today for your goal???

Be honest with yourself this year and I will be right there with you. Do not give yourself any reason today not reach your future goal. You do not want to think back to a moment that you could have worked harder or been more disciplined.

What do you want to be remembered for? This is a question I ask myself so I stay focused on how I can make a difference in this world before I leave. Have a great year everybody and stay true to yourself.

photo: Carly Marie Photography

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