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What is it all about, anyway?

I almost have my first week of training under my belt! From here on out, I will be training 6 days a week! We all know I am training to make the 2020 Olympic team and win a medal, but what is the WHY that keeps me going??

Every day I see my goal, I write my goal, I say my goal, and I train towards my goal. I tell you all this because my WHY involves you. You are reading this because you support me and want to see me reach my goal. I want to make you proud. I want to make my family proud. I want to dig deep and leave all of my athletic potential that God has blessed me with out on the track (field)!

But there's more. I see all of the above as my motivation daily, but it's more extensive than that. I re-read small notes from prior to 2016 trials, such as the one I received from my 8th grade math teacher. I find energy from the last words my Dad ever spoke to me, "you are going to do great things." (cue the tears)

Then, every day I go into another zone mentally and train. I know my weaknesses and I am training to strengthen them. I know my strengths and I am training to make them stronger. I would 100% say I have an alter ego that is more determined than I am. I go into every training session very purposefully and write in my journal what I took away from the session, good or bad.

You see, my WHY is very close to my heart. It even looks at me every day from the eyes of an almost 1 year-old and I can only make sure I give my best efforts throughout these next 9 months! I thank you for your support and truly channel your energy into my training.

Otto Kennedy Langhorst

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