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Why The Titan Games?

It all started last year in December when I got invited to come out to a combine for The Titan Games. In the middle of January I went out to LA for a weekend and went through a days worth of workouts to see if I was capable of competing. The call came a few days later saying that I had made the show!

The first 2 weeks of February I was in Atlanta with 40 other competitors. We lived together in a hotel and were on set together the rest of the time. We learned so much about each other and we continue to motivate each other so much to this day and forever to come. Looking back, my favorite parts of the experience were relationships I created and of course the challenging obstacles!

I ultimately chose to do this opportunity to challenge myself athletically in a way I have never done before. The obstacles were so fun and hard, very hard! I want you all to know that I was expending ALL my energy when I competed and I was exhausted. I felt it was hard to find the time to recover for the next day to come. I figured it out and thought back to being a heptathlete, knowing I had to expend my everything in multiple events for more than one day!

A couple things that you don't know... We were not allowed to watch each other compete! The producers didn't want us to get any upper hand on how to compete through each obstacle. So we relied on each other for tips. After someone competed, they would come back to the holding room and let us all in how how hard the obstacle was

and what technique worked best for them! It was also very suspenseful not being able to watch each other and waiting to find out who won the battle!

Personally one of my favorite people from the experience was the first person I had to compete against! I had to beat a woman that I connected so well with. We were a GREAT match up, but I wish we could have met later on in the show to compete against each other.

Overall, I am glad I participated in The Titan Games! I can't wait for you all to watch. Hell, I can't wait to watch to see how they portray me!! After this, I think I am done with television and Hollywood...but never say never, right.

Enjoy the show and I'll write another blog summing up my emotions about how I do on th

e show!

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