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At Home Core Program

At Home Core Program

I have put this core routine together based off of exercises that I use daily as a track and field athlete, along with other exercises that I have found and love! Best of all- NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!


With track and field, having a strong core has always been a part of the process. This program I put together is a month long and made to be used over and over again! Each week varies with different exercises, reps, and sets. 


I have attached a 30 day agenda so you can check off each day you get done, to stay accountable to yourself! 


Stay committed and also include your own daily workouts. Also, stay hydrated and have good eating habits to achieve your goals! 

Get started today after you purchase and grab a friend or two to do the program with you!


-Chantae McMillan

Track and Field Olympian 

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