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Gym Workout

Gym Workout

This program provides structure and direction for anyone at the gym, looking to gain muscle and burn fat. I have personally written this workout program and I am excited to share it with you!


This 35 day program is made for you to do at your local gym and every day can be done in less than 48 minutes. The goal is to have your heart rate elevated for the majority of the workout, pushing yourself each day!!


The week structure has 8 exercises 4x a week, with a cardio finisher, then 2 active recovery days. One day each week is optional and one day is completely off!


I have included video examples of myself doing some exercises that needed extra explaining. Any other exercise unknown can be looked up online.


This program builds on itself through the 35 days, so work to increase weight used each week in different exercises. Push yourself. I have included a small "notes" area on each week so you can keep track of any weight you use. 


Look at completing this 35 day program with good eating habits and drinking plenty of water! Once you are done, take a week to do other activities or completely off from training, then go ahead and repeat it! Then again if you want! 


Let's go!!!! 

  • Things Needed For The Workout:

    The workout uses:



    -the cable machine


    -physio ball

    -body weight!

  • Refund Policy

    No refunds. Final sale. If you are having issues with the workout, please contact me and we will discuss how to correct your issue.

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