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Our mission is to aid women through recovery after the loss of a child. Focusing on the health and wellness that women need during their individual grieving process.

Secure donation site with receipt emailed to you immediately after. 

Our Why

Our goal is to provide resources and support for women mentally, physically, and financially.

We came together to form Soul on Fire after hearing one of our own team members' experience and deciding we wanted to be there for other women like herself.

"My first and only pregnancy was a stillbirth, born at 40.5 weeks, perfect in every way with no explanation as to why she never lived this side of heaven. With the heaviness of grief came the weight of medical bills for something we never took home. It was devastating and we were left broken hearted and alone. I found myself seeking out friendships with anyone who could share my pain and it was the only comfort I found. Our hope is to provide any comfort in such a time for anyone who seeks it."

Who We Help

We would like to extend our resources to women who have had a stillbirth and those who have lost an infant.

Medical bills can be overwhelming, even in the happiest of circumstances, let alone amidst your deepest grief. Our hope is to offer relief from the financial stressors following infant loss/stillbirth whilst also providing the resources for emotional, mental and physical rehabilitation following the trauma. 

Soul on Fire will give financial relief from hospital bills following an infant/pregnancy loss. Emotional support through our online platform -one on one or group settings. As well as assisting with overall health and wellness to help women physically recover with prescribed exercises, workouts, and nutrition.

We are also here as a support group for women who have had a miscarriage. 

 Please contact below for the application process or for support.

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