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Another Opportunity

One of my principles I follow is, anything that happens today is in my best interest and another opportunity for me to grow.

I am now in Fall conditioning, putting together all the elements that make up the foundation of my season. This time is for developing my base strength and cardiovascular system to endure the entire season, continuing workouts through the season to maintain these elements.

This part of the program also entails a lot of experimenting with technique of my throw, ultimately finding most of what will work best for me through season...but of course that is not always correct and my coach and I will go back to the drawing board to make adjustments. It is all very fun, but also challenging.

Anything that happens today is in my best interest and another opportunity for me to grow. Reminding myself of this, helps me with the ups and downs that come with my life. I can go to practice and have a terrible day, but know that that practice was a learning experience. I grew within those moments, becoming a better athlete, a better person.

Personal growth and change are very important aspects of being a human, that I encourage others to always challenge themselves with. Looking in from the outside and asking, if you have become a better person from recent experiences. If not, how can you push yourself to grow? Why would you choose not to expand your mind and grow?

I will leave you with those questions to ponder, as those are things I often ask myself to make sure I do not remain the same.

Thank you for reading and being apart of my journey.

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