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I haven't felt inspired lately to really put together a blog post that made total sense. So here I am putting together a post that will hopefully make partial sense.

Today I was a guest on a podcast and the host made me think about the word, discipline. My mind immediately was questioning why someone would not want to be disciplined enough to reach a goal. Discipline is a gift we can give ourselves.

I thought of the amount discipline I have had for certain occasions, then also the lack of for others. Were those latter occasions just not as important to have full discipline to want to achieve?

We are capable of achieving so much if we just have the right focus to do so daily. I want you all to ponder what your own discipline looks like? What things have you truly been disciplined to achieve? How did that journey look? Is it a mind space that you can embrace again to reach another goal?

I tend to look at how the 9 months prior to the 2012 Olympic Trials went for me and use that mindset/space as my blueprint for success today. I was in an almost isolated state mentally and physically with no friends and my day to day was all about making the Olympic team. Now I have a family to work into this equation, but it is working out. As long as I remember what I know it takes to be successful and build off of that daily!

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