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Titan Games Final Thoughts

Hello, I hope you all are having a great week! With this post, I want to give you all my overall thoughts of my experience on The Titan Games.

I am very happy that I decided to compete on the tv show. It was fun and very exhausting as well! I have been a professional track and field athlete for almost a decade now and it was nice to get outside of the oval and challenge myself with some crazy shit Dwayne Johnson proclaims he makes up! It was exhausting because we were on set from 8am-9pm, competing 2-3 times a day with interviews and pictures before and after each competition. That's tv for ya!

So let's got back to the start of my action on the show. I competed against Alexis, best 2/3 to move on. I was able to defeat her ultimately. Out of the 3 challenges we competed in, I liked the Herculean Pull the best. Why? Because we couldn't see the grimace on each others faces of struggle or wanting to give in. We couldn't see when the other fell either, making this a battle more so with myself, mentally. I grew from this challenge as an athlete, learning more about how much I can give in any challenging situation. The steps my mind went through to stay in the challenge and win it are things I can apply to staying in a hard training session or track meet.

Next, I found myself on Mt. Olympus against Claressa Shields, 2x Olympics gold medalist in boxing. I was nervous going into this competition, going over the course mentally multiple times and what it would take to win. I was only thinking as a boxer, she has endurance and strength. I didn't factor in that I have a 400m track that I have been training on for years and she works in a 20ft squared area, so I had the better endurance for this competition. I went HARD through this competition haha! I was tired, but so excited to win that one!

Second time on Mt. Olympus I was against Jaime. This is my second time running the course this day of filming because the producers wanted to film Mt. Olympus runs all in one day. I knew what I was getting into, as my seconds run. I was actually able to look back before I got in the cage crawl and slow down from there until finishing. Not as thrilling of a win as the first.

I then lost to Dani, the professional crossift athlete. I messed up on the log carry by not latching it correctly. At the end of the battle, I supposedly came off as a "sore loser." This makes me laugh. I stated I was the better athlete and that if I didn't mess up, then I would have won. I believe in all that, so I said it. Most people wouldn't be able to admit they messed up on the course. I am a great athlete and if you know me, I stay humble through my journey and I only want to expend all my athletic talent and inspire others along the way before I leave this Earth.

My second favorite event from the whole show that I got to compete in was the Hammer Down challenge, as the 3-way tie breaker. I loved swinging that sledge hammer! I was pretending I was doing a drill to build my obliques and hip power to help me with my training for javelin. I made my way out of that challenge pretty easily, then ended my time on the show with the next challenge I made it to, the barrel toss thing. I couldn't come up with a game plan to toss those barrels for nothing! They were also heavier than I thought they would be. I guess I wish there was a better battle to end on for me...or I just shouldn't have messed up to get in that situation haha.

I wish the entire show was more of just a bracket structure, where you lose then you go home. Then, when all the regional winners met, it could have been the hammer down challenge, then the two out of that compete on Mt. Olympus to win it all...instead of losing on Mt, Olympus and going back to compete again...and again...and possibly a couple more times.

Like I said, I am glad I did the show and where I am now in life. I met people that I can have in my life forever and I learned more about myself as a competitor. No, I will not do it again, unless I was paid haha! We were only paid per diem and put up in a hotel for our time there, so I am always hoping for more doors to open from this experience. :)

Since ending filming for the show in February, I have been training to make my 2nd Olympic team. YES, I am still training. I am mad they stated me as an "Olympian looking for her next challenge of becoming a Titan." What the hell is a Titan??? No, I'd rather be a 2x Olympian than a Titan ANY day. I currently have no meets coming up until regular season resumes in March 2021. Until then, I will be training my butt off to be the best javelin thrower I can be.

Thank you for reading and until next time!


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