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Hard Year, Hard Life

This has obviously been a very hard year for all of us. My own biggest challenge was going back to another year out from the Olympics, making it the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Then, another issue that effects me, is the racial issues in this country.

I always tell people I saw the Olympics being pushed back as a blessing in disguise for my own career. I am now specializing in the javelin over the heptathlon, which I retired from in 2016. I have learned so much about the javelin and I am continuously learning more about the event.

It has been hard to keep all of my energy focused on my training this year. I want my energy to be funneled into my training and my family only. This year's racial issues have tugged at my heart. I have always grown up in predominantly white areas, but that does not change my skin color and my skin color does not change that I am a human.

The diversity created from group to group, from black lives, blue lives, republican, democratic...people are missing the human aspect. It is about having cognitive empathy to make decisions to help not only yourself, but others as if they ARE you. Treating each other the way we want to be treated! Equality.

I say all this because I feel hurt by friends and family who do not SEE me. This is my cry to you, if I am the only person of color in your life, think of me within these situations of division and then make your decision on how you can be apart of the change.

I have friends apart of each of the groups I listed above, but I do not SIDE with any of them, I meet them all in the middle and that is how I believe change is made! Not everyone on these sides are correct, but listening to meet the other side is how we progress.

How can you be apart of the change? If you feel stuck or have almost an uneducated feeling on a topic and want to have a conversation with me, I am here. I am not here to judge you because I am uneducated in areas as well that I need to learn more about. Let's be the change. Empathy for one another.

I do not want to live in fear because of the color of my skin. That is my truth.

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Laurie Myers
Laurie Myers
Nov 03, 2020

So much love and respect for you...always. Thank you for your words and your actions. <3


Love this post. This election has even divided my own family. You keep fighting for what you believe in. Train hard. GOD bless you and your family 🙏🏾😭

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