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What Is Your Thought Process Like?

My mind always feels like it is going 100mph with what I need to do, how my training is going to be today, and so many ideas. I recently told my mom about all of my thoughts I had after listening to an inspiring audio book and she said, "Wow, you have a lot going on in your head." This was the first time I really sat there and knew I had a different mindset than others. Of course one of my best friends is always reminding me of how amazing I am because of my mindset and work ethic, but I would always just laugh and thank her. Now, after listening to another audio book, I am convinced, my mind is wired differently.

My thought process is always thinking about how I can be better in so many areas of my life. Some days it is a problem though because I will think about so many things to accomplish and simply not take the time to just focus on getting one done in a timely manner. My mind seems so chaotic, yet always stays disciplined enough to get everything done each day for my MAIN goal- making my 2nd Olympic team! That's why some days I will even talk myself out of tackling other ideas because I do not want to take my energy away from my training. I get nervous like I will not be able to make this Olympic team if I do not put all my energy towards it alone!

So how do you get your job done plus the extra things that want to be amazing at? What makes you want to be better every day? How are you going to get there?

For me, it's stepping back and being organized, yet keeping my crazy ideas there to excite the process. I obviously work my day around my training. Then, from there I have to set time periods up for each of the other things I am excited about. Each thing I work on requires all my attention so I am not distracted by thinking about other things I have to get done- that is why I make sure I do my number one job of taking care of my body, getting my workouts all done ASAP.

At the end of my day, if I don't put majority of my focus on my training, then I am not doing my life correct. I want to be the best at this sole thing that I only have a small window left to do so.

Me and my mind that is wired very differently are going to figure everything out together some day soon! For now, I will probably keep making sure I am not expending too much energy outside of my training! What can you take away from this? Answer those questions I asked above. Then, start now with getting to your goals. Where is your energy going each hour, day, week...

Thanks for reading! Email me if you have any thoughts! Soon I am going to be posting more about clothing and shoes I like to workout in and why!

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